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Gorgeous  jewelry that doubles as essential oil diffusers!

Gorgeous jewelry that doubles as
an essential oil diffuser!

You will be taken to our store

You will be taken to our store

MoodLifter Jewelry is a fashion friendly way to take your essential oils with you where ever you go! If you're new to Essential Oils and are questioning why you would want to put them on jewelry, there are a variety of reasons. Essential Oils can help with everything from energy level to focus to even warding off the common cold! Check out what each oil does here: doTERRA Essential Oils Guide. Each piece of our jewelry features one or more lava beads. A lava bead can absorb the Essential Oil and slowly diffuse it over a period of time. Have a meeting with the boss coming up? Put some peppermint on your MoodLifter earrings to stay alert and focused! Volunteering in your son's kindergarten class at the height of cold season? A little tea tree oil or orange oil will help sanitize the air around you! So take a look around our jewelry by clicking on the images below. We will be constantly adding new items so check back often!

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